Other user-centric projects 

What's this then?

I wanted to create a space where I can describe some of the relevant projects I worked on before I prior to becoming a UX Designer. I believe that my prior experience with user-focused products and metrics really contributes to my competency in user experience design. 


Various marketing, brand, community and partnership roles at Flickr taught me the importance of community and user feedback, creating great user experiences and gave me exposure to all areas of the business. 

  • Working with partners using the API on their being compliant with the Flickr community guidelines, brand guidelines and assisting them with their user flows and interface design
  • Working with internal design partners to create branded community micro-sites
  • Online + Offline community events
  • Coordinating projects between cross-functional teams
  • Managing marketing and product metrics
  • Blogging for the Flickr Blog 


As Platform Marketing Manager at SoundCloud, I worked with many innovative third party applications, to ensure that their user experience was inline with the SoundCloud API and guidelines. 

  • Working with partner integrations such as Ableton, KORG, Tumblr and Flipboard
  • Improving the SoundCloud embeddable player
  • Identified knowledge gaps and commissioned database analysis, in order to inform future platform strategy